Blindazh July 1941. Fierce fighting takes place near the Belarusian village of Lubashi. Many residents manage to hide in the woods, but some find themselves right in the middle of a heated battle. VFX & CGI Lichniye obstoyatelstva Doctor Herman Kuznetsov witnesses a traffic accident: the drunken daughter of oligarch Sundukov crashes into a standing passenger car at an intersection. Supervising, VFX & CGI That still Karlosson! The character of Michael Galustyan that is called Carloson as he looks much like him, lives in a wonderful and bright world of metrics plump big-eared short men. VFX & CGI Odinokiy volk "It is difficult to live with a person who has an extremely complex character, whom no one can break and infringe, who under no pretext does not go even to small concessions. Supervising, VFX & CGI Delo sledovatelya Nikitina The story is set in Moscow in 1935-1936. Three young investigators work at the Moscow Prosecutor's Office. Supervising, VFX & CGI Santa Lyuchiya Victoria Saikina, along with her younger brother Pasha, lives in a small provincial town. Her cherished dream is to one day go to "Santa Lucia" Supervising, VFX & CGI Zhenshchiny ne proshchayut Women's revenge... with all the passion and ingenuity peculiar to women, they are building plans for revenge, which has no place for the old love! PRODUCTION V zone riska Detective Sergey Demidov is tasked with forming a new team. Wilful Vadim Nepogoda is a great detective. He is also brave and is always ready to help a friend. Supervising, VFX & CGI